Answer simple questions

We know you are busy running your business, doing many things at once. We are here to make your monthly tax declaration simple. Follow along as our tax software asks you each question, (in English) have your information ready, such as Name of Enterprise, Business Activities; all the information that you normally would fill in Form TRS 01 (monthly tax return). Don't worry, even if you never filed taxes before, everything is in English, just answer each question, let our software do the rest!


ASEANTAX is your virtual tax accountant

There is no need to worry about the accuracy of the VAT, TOS, or Withholding Tax calculations. Enter the information as requested and let ASEANTAX do the rest. We built TaxKH.pro from the ground-up. Behind our tax software are a team of researchers, auditors, computer programmers, besides our leadership.



Our software accurately computes your monthly tax declaration

It’s just like having your own personal tax accountant. Have a question about something on FORM TRS 01? Just click on ‘Ask a Question’ and a certified tax representative will answer your question.


That’s it!

You have the option of emailing or printing out your completed FORM TRS-01, Purchase Day Book, Sales Day Book, Salary Book, and FORM P101. Every form needed for your monthly tax declaration.


Want to make filing taxes easy? You are in the right place!