General Questions

What does the N.B.O. Software Engineering company do?

At NBO, we believe the biggest measure of our success as a company isn’t actually about our success, but yours. You’re investing not only money — it’s also energy, intelligence, brand, and more. We are a software engineering company, providing a full-service development of web & mobile applications, custom systems, and SaaS solutions. Think of us as your technical co-founders, an extension of your team. We design, develop, and maintain the software systems necessary to power your idea so you can focus on the big picture and run your business more efficiently.


ASEANTAX is a Cambodian Tax Preparation software for sole proprietors, accountants, and anyone responsible for tax declaration; it’s SaaS (Software as a Solution); it’s based online, so there is nothing to download. ASEANTAX is proud to offer SaaS so you only pay for what you use. All the tax calculations are accurate and done behind the scenes.

The result: You will then be able to download and/or print a fully filled-in TRS 01 (monthly tax declaration), Sales Day Book, Purchase Day Book, Salary Book, and Form P101. You have everything to submit to the General Department of Taxation. It's that SIMPLE!

How does ASEANTAX work?

You sign-up for a free account. Answer each question as our software prompts you. Fill in the answers, and that’s it! Your tax forms will be calculated and filled-in automatically; you will then be able to print or download your completed monthly or yearly tax declaration forms.

What about those other accounting programs, why would I use ASEANTAX?

ASEANTAX is not here to replace your current accounting system, it’s exactly the opposite. We complement your current accounting system by allowing you to import your data into ASEANTAX-

How much will ASEANTAX cost?

Monthly and yearly plans will be determined once we finish our software beta testing.

How do I know ASEANTAX is accurate, what is your process?

The team behind ASEANTAX is dedicated to providing you the most accurate tax information. Our process is complex. Over the last year, we have refined our agile method many times and now we can react instantly to changes in taxation laws and any other reporting requirements by the General Department of Taxation.