Announcing the All-New ASEANTAX POS: A Better Retail Solution for Restaurants & Food Delivery in Cambodia


Wouldn’t it be nice if your restaurant or food business could combine your Point-of-Sale [POS] system with your monthly tax declaration requirement? Since Covid, restaurants and retail shops are adapting their businesses and embracing alternative ways of connecting with their customers.

Whether you are new to e-commerce, exploring opening a food business, or finding creative ways to continue serving your customers, every merchant can benefit from an omnichannel solution that syncs inventory, customers, orders, and automatically prepares your monthly tax declaration. That’s why we’re introducing the all-new ASEANTAX POS, a better solution for your food business. 

With this new POS system, data is easier for you to leverage, and your monthly tax declaration is automated.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the highlights of the all-new ASEANTAX POS for food retailers, explain how easy it is to use, and explore the new opportunities it presents for food retailers to combine your Point-of-Sale system with monthly tax declaration.

What is ASEANTAX Point-of-Sale [POS] System?

ASEANTAX POS is a simple, Point-of-Sale software that allows your food business to track sales, cash flow, food inventory, and can help simplify your bookkeeping enormously by directly integrating with our ASEANTAX Small Taxpayer Module, and your monthly tax declaration will be automated.

The ASEANTAX POS software is a point of sale system that processes the transactions that happen at your food business or restaurant.

Think of it as a complete restaurant management system. Track your Stock & Inventory, Analytics & Smart Reporting, ASEANTAX POS reduces manual labor and simplifies operations.

Add to this integrations with billing [Wing, ABA, Pi Pay, etc.] and your ASEANTAX POS machine becomes an end-to-end solution for your restaurant management.

ASEANTAX POS works both online and offline; so if your internet is not working, your POS will ensure that your restaurant operations never stop. 

Running a food business or a restaurant in Cambodia is a hectic environment, and convenience is often at the forefront of creating a positive customer experience. To help store staff, the all-new ASEANTAX POS includes many features, here are just a few:


  • Walk-in order. To make it easier for your staff to help customers, process, and bill orders for your walk-in customers.
  • Phone-in order.  It’s also easy for your staff to help customers on the phone, process, and bill orders for your phone customers.
  • Internet order. And no doubt it’s super easy for you to take internet orders.
  • Monthly tax declaration. The all-new ASEANTAX POS will automate your monthly tax declaration.

Why ASEANTAX POS Is Right For Your Food Business

How ASEANTAX POS can help you

We know you are busy running your business. For Cambodian restaurants and food delivery businesses having a POS system greatly saves you time and speeds up the transaction process. We also know that it can be very time consuming to reconcile Cambodia Tax for Small Taxpayer. That is why we developed the ASEANTAX POS system to combine your sales and monthly tax declaration requirements.

ASEANTAX POS will simplify the transaction process for your staff, which can help them move through lines much more quickly. Plus, with ASEANTAX POS, you can decrease employee theft; make sure that all inventory that goes out the door has been paid for by customers – not by you, unknowingly.

Why ASEANTAX POS is risk-free for you to try

We are offering you a 6-month free subscription (worth $240 USD) to try ASEANTAX POS.

Do It Yourself: ASEANTAX POS was made for the taxpayer, it’s simple to use, it’s a POS system for your food business, and it does your tax too!

Done With You: Our team of tax professionals is available for any tax-related question you may have.

Done For You: Our ASEANTAX POS will automate your food business with a POS system that automatically calculates your monthly and/or yearly tax declaration in real-time, applying any and all exchange rates for all different sales, salary tax, and more!

Combine your POS with your tax. IT’S THAT EASY

Disclaimer: This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal, or accounting advice.

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