Updates: MVP v0.2 + SME Networking Event [PLMP Venture Capital]

MVP v0.2

It is with great pleasure that we have launched MVP v0.2- It’s been a long road, but I am happy with our progress, and all the effort from our development team. Notably our lead developer Mahabub, and our new hires Shibly and Aakash.

MVP v0.2 does what we want. You can enter information into our online system; all the information required for monthly tax declaration and print all the required tax forms.

Since we hired additional software developers, they have been working on converting certain parts of our software for the v0.3 release, which is roughly 85% completed and has these added features:

·         Changed to Vue.js front end with better API support to facilitate autocomplete and faster searches (future proof)

·         Remove drop-down selection when inputting data into the various forms (business activities, sub-business activities, commune, district & province/city)- this will now be searchable with auto-complete

·         For tax agencies- Name of Enterprise will be searchable with auto-complete. Every registered business in Cambodia is in our database (updated weekly).

·         Sales Day Book ‘unit’ and ‘category’ field will have autocomplete

·         Purchase Day Book ‘unit’ and ‘category’ field will have autocomplete

SME networking event

The SME networking event was great, we met a lot of brilliant companies competing in this year’s event. It was also nice meeting H.E. Senior Minister Ly Thuch, also meeting with people from CANA Securities and the Securities & Exchange Commission of Cambodia (just to name a few).   

The overall response to NBO’s online tax application was positive. With comments such as “your tax application is the future of how companies will interact with taxes”, also “why hasn’t anyone done this sooner”- this is great for us to further validate our efforts in developing our product.

We look forward to seeing everyone again on 14 October for the last date of the contest.

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