Our Purpose, Philosophy, and Vision form the foundation of N.B.O.

Purpose: We solve complex business problems with simple software solutions

Philosophy: We provide easy-to-use software solutions, backed by a great team and we make it simple to do business with us.

Vision: Our vision is to close the gap between humans and technology through innovative software.

Our Timeline

  1. Something is Missing


    It all started shortly after moving to Cambodia; Alan wanted to incorporate his growing tutor business. He began looking into the process of incorporation. After some research, he learned about setting up a company and paying monthly taxes. The laws dealing with taxation is tough to understand, even more so for a foreigner. Alan read many message forums, he even joined meet up groups to better understand Cambodian taxation. Realizing the difficulties faced by small businesses, this was the seed that planted the idea of streamlining, calculating and submitting your tax return to the Cambodian Government. Alan researched Cambodia Taxation, he met with university students who majored in taxation, there were also tax accountants, auditors, and the occasional tax attorney. His goal at this stage was to gather and document as much information as possible to see if he can turn this idea of creating a simple way to interact and pay Cambodian business taxes.

  2. Decision to Launch


    Because of his simplistic nature, and an idea that is taking shape, Alan writes out a very basic business plan. He also sketches out a simple wireframe for the basic functions of a tax calculation software. Armed with knowledge, he writes source code for tax calculation in Python and Javascript.

  3. Team Work!


    In a few months, Alan writes over 400 lines of code covering many Cambodian tax calculations. Meeting weekly with tax researchers and auditors, he now hires a front and back-end developer to take over the coding; now Alan can focus more on the business aspect of growing his idea. The growing team hold their meetings at different coworking office spaces. In between office meetings, Alan works where he can, at home, a coffee shop, even sitting on a bench at Riverside.

  4. Our New Office


    The synergy of the small team continues and shapes the new mission of the project. Early in the month, Alan finds a suitable permanent office; shortly thereafter, the business incorporation is finalized. Welcome to N.B.O. Software Engineering Company. As of 08 OCT 2020 we comprise of eight team members.