We have created

The perfect tax solution for sole proprietors, small and medium taxpayers.


We are SaaS. A custom Software as a Solution for Cambodian businesses to calculate and print completed tax declaration forms.


Collectively the team behind ASEANTAX has spent over 8000 hours building this software; we are still going strong.

How it works

Answer each question as our software prompts you. Fill in the answers, and that’s it! Your tax form(s) will be calculated and filled-in automatically; you will then be able to download your completed tax form(s).

Know the price upfront

Our subscription will make sure you are covered for the tax year. 365 days of ASEANTAX’s online software and customer service by a certified tax professional.

Have a question?

We love to talk. Contact us and one of our staff will answer your tax-related question.

Tax Deductions

If you qualify, our intelligent software will find every tax credit available to you.

Want to make filing taxes easy? You are in the right place!

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